My husband and I just returned from a few days in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I try to accompany him every year for his annual software update forum for one of the legal software systems he sells and supports.  We always drive because there is no easy way to fly into Lincoln, Nebraska.Each year there is an awards dinner which I get dressed up for and attend with him.  The top resellers get their plaques and recognition for successfully making the leader board that year.  Prior to the dinner, there is a cocktail hour.  This year was rather different.  We had numerous people from Nebraska come up to us and ask us if we had any reefer, Mary Jane, weed.  Just because we are from Colorado does not mean we walk around with cannabis in our pockets. Last year - we bailed out of the dinner early and headed to Iowa where they have casinos.  It is about an hour drive from Lincoln.  I guess our sneaky escape was noticed by many.  Many folks gave us a hard time. One of the gals asked how we did at the casinos and all I could think to say was "What happens in Iowa - Stay in Iowa". It goes to show that everyone is watching even though you don't think they are. Belinda SpillmanAspen Lane Real EstateManaging Broker/Owner(303)